Friday - Sunday


52 weekends a year!

Theatre opening times:

Friday @ 6 pm

Saturday @ 5 pm

Sunday @ 5 pm

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Is this your first time visiting the theatre? Wondering what to bring and what to leave at home?

Here is a helpful checklist to make for an enjoyable visit!

What do you need at the drive-in???

Lawn chairs, pillows, blankets to get comfy while watching the movie

An AM/FM radio to hear (or a few dollars & driver’s license to rent one from the theatre)

Bug spray, citronella candle to keep the bugs away

Flashlights to help see while walking around at night

String or rope to tie down hatchback if sitting in the back of your SUV

Our printable menu for quicker ordering (available on our concession page)

Baseballs & mitts, footballs, deck of cards– entertainment before the movie starts


But you can leave the following at home...

Alcoholic beverages (you are driving home aren’t you…)

Illegal substances (the U.S government doesn’t allow them, neither do we)

Food & beverages from other restaurants 

Glass containers

Grills or other cooking devices (let us do the cooking)