Theatre Opening Times

7 days a week in the summer.

52 weekends a year!

Gates open @ 7 pm 

Movie starts at dusk!!

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Monday August 3

When Harry Met SallyWhen Harry Met Sally

 When Harry Met Sally

@ 8:30 pm

The TerminatorThe TerminatorThe Terminator

 @ 10:15 pm

Tuesday August 4

Closed for a private event


Wednesday August 5

Concert and a movie night!!!

American Bowie Experience

7:30 pm


9:30 pm

Thursday August 6

Trolls World TourTrolls World Tour

Troll: World Tour

@ 8:30pm

The Jungle BookThe Jungle BookThe Jungle Book

@ 10:15 pm


Drive-In Theater Tour produced by Awakening Events

September 10

Casting CrownsCasting CrownsCasting CrownsGold pass tickets are now sold out and only a limited amount of tickets are left for this concert!! 

  TicketLeap online tickets only please for Friday, Saturday & Sunday movies. 


We suggest buying tickets for any nights show online via our website.  We are open 7 nights. If we have room for more than online TicketLeap tickets each night, we will gladly accept other forms of payment.

Wednesday Night Concerts and a movie series!!

Support these great bands!!!

In addition to our regular rules, we will also make a few other changes:


1. Under NC Executive Order 147, masks covering nose and mouth must be worn when outside your vehicle and social distancing is not possible. 

2. As always, please park your vehicle close to the white poles. You can back in or pull into the spot.  Sedans only Rows 1 & 2. Crossover and smaller SUVs/mini vans in rows 3 & 4. Rows 5 and back for larger 4x4 trucks/SUVs.  Rows 7-9 conversion vans and very large SUV/trucks.

2. Please remain in or by your vehicle while watching the movies.  Concession stand and bathrooms are open and the grass area in front of the screen is open.  Social distancing is in effect at all areas of the theatre.  If sitting outside your vehicle, please put chairs/blanket in front or behind your vehicle (between your vehicle & the big screen). 

3. As always, everyone will be handed a brochure with our menu at ticket booth.   You can order cooked food from your vehicle using our online system (instructions included in brochure).

When ordering from the concession window, please be prepared with order to keep line moving quickly as possible

4. If ordering food or using the restrooms, limit 1 away from the vehicle at a time. (exceptions for parent accompanying children or people needing assistance).

Please wait in vehicle until paged or texted to pick up food.

5. Until further notice, we will NOT be offering refills on drinks or popcorn.

6. Our lot attendants will keep lines to a minimum (approx. 10 people).

You may be asked to return to your car until the line subsides.

7. Play area for the kids is shut down until further notice. We are opening the grassy area in front of the screen/stage.

8. For the next few weeks, homemade and store-bought snacks will be allowed. Food and beverages from other restaurants will NOT be allowed.